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Brace for extreme dryness and heat
People who are living or working in Western Canada are warned to brace themselves for a long, dry and hot summer. Long-term forecasts show that dry conditions together with heat waves are expected to occur through September. According to David Philli [more]
Guilty verdict in scaffold collapse deaths
Hopefully, the conviction of a construction project manager on four charges of criminal negligence causing death will cause the industry to pay more attention to workers’ safety. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice today convicted the manager in [more]
Protective footwear: the latest CSA Standard Z195-14
A Canadian Community Health Survey on injuries that covered 2009–2010 (Statistics Canada) shows that about 18 per cent of all injuries involving the working age population (ages 20 to 64) occurred at work. The study also reveals that the parts of b [more]
Coping with and preventing workplace fatigue
No one would dispute that fatigue at work is a serious problem, especially in occupations like nursing, where life and death could be at stake. Fatigue was reportedly a contributing factor in several famous disasters of recent years, including the Th [more]
Young worker safety blitz continues through August
The summer work season is well underway, and so is the Ministry of Labour’s summer safety campaign for young and new workers. The provincial blitz targeting young and new workers in the industrial sector continues through August, Young workers are [more]
Trucking industry urged to look at drivers’ mental health
Truck drivers have a difficult job. Long-haul drivers are away from home for long periods of time, o [More]
Stopping gas-and-dash fatalities: legislation or training?
Violence in the workplace is one of the risks people may encounter, especially in jobs that involve [more]
RCMP charged with labour code violations in deaths of officers
Enforcing the law and keeping the public safe are the primary concerns of the Royal Canadian Mounted [more]
Guilty verdict in scaffold collapse deaths
Hopefully, the conviction of a construction project manager on four charges of criminal negligence c [more]

icon-1Laws & Regulations

Occupational safety and health can be important for moral, legal, and financial reasons. All organisations have a duty of care to ensure that employees and any other person who may be affected by the companies undertaking remain safe.


icon-2Hidden Dangers

Do you know of any workplace that is totally safe? Hazards exist in just about every vocation there is. Most of these hazards are easy to control. Have you noticed any of these at your place of work?


icon-3Preventable Accidents

If you’ve been injured at work, you’re not alone. Workplace injuries are all too commonplace, and they affect people in all lines of work, of all ages and of all ethnic and economic backgrounds. Are all accidents are preventable?


Top Five About Workplace Safety
Top five common hazards for outdoor workers in summertime
Working outdoors in summertime is a dream for many. There are natural hazards, however, which can really spoil a worker's day. Most of these may be considered relatively minor, but it's worth remembering that a number of people are killed each year by severe allergic reactions to bee stings, by lightning strikes and even by heat stroke. And of course, there is the big killer, skin cancer. Here are [more ]
Five health and safety proposals for policymakers
The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is a UK-based organization with members in over 140 countries. It claims to be the world’s largest professional health and safety membership organization in the world. The following five recommendations are intended to provide guidance to policymakers everywhere.  Adoption of these proposals will lead to a safer, more sustainable economy, [more ]
Ways to prevent prolonged-standing injuries
The Canadian Women’s Health Network says that women face different workplace hazards than men face. Jobs that are more commonly done by women are usually more repetitive, monotonous and stressful than the jobs men do. As well, research done at the University of British Columbia found that the risks of injury at work are different for women. Women are at higher risk of injury when doing shift wor [more ]

safety-logos-footerSafety Reboot is dedicated to keeping Canadian workplaces safe through a news and education approach to occupational worker safety. We focus on prevention, training, latest techniques, equipment and behavioural education to help you optimize your workplace safety.

Hidden Dangers
Noise: the invisible work hazard
The Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau (Acoustics) reports that each year, about 9,000 Canadian workers suffer from hearing impairment or ringing/buzzing in the ears due to excessive ex [more]
Managing mercury spills
Mercury is a unique, naturally occurring metal that is liquid at room temperature and can vaporize into the air, conduct electricity, and combine with other metals to form amalgams. Although it has ma [more]
Work stress linked to diabetes in women
Research shows that diabetes rates have doubled in the last two decades. This trend is seen not only in Canada, but in other parts of the world as well. Although studies show that the number of deaths [more]
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