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Dealing with vibration-related injuries
It is estimated that as many as 4 to 7 per cent of workers in the US, Canada and Europe are exposed to whole-body vibration, and many others are exposed to segmental vibration, which usually affects the arms and hands. Whole-body vibration refers to [more]
Concussion not just a sports risk
Normally when we think of concussions at the workplace we think of a construction worker or a professional athlete. In those careers, concussion risk seems obvious. However, whether it is in retail or in the office, concussions can pose a threat to t [more]
Doctors advise care in consuming energy drinks
Coffee has long been a morning ritual for anyone who needs a little pick-me-up before the start of the workday. Whether it is home brewed or ordered at one of the industry giants, coffee and caffeine have long been responsible for getting the weary t [more]
MOL targeting material handling in current safety blitz
The latest Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) safety inspection blitz is currently targeting material handling. Inspectors will be visiting factories and plants and industrial workplaces in the current campaign until October 26. The purpose of this and [more]
Sun safety at work: some precautions
The Canadian Cancer Society reports that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, and that more than 80,000 new cases are diagnosed in Canada every year. Although most patients who are diagnosed with the disease are more than fifty years old, e [more]
MOL targeting material handling in current safety blitz
The latest Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) safety inspection blitz is currently targeting material [More]
Labour ministers to promote psychological health, safety
Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial ministers of labour held their annual meeting today t [more]
PPE only barrier between Ebola, health workers
The current outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in West Africa has provided the world with some gr [more]
Stricter rules protect workers in confined spaces
Bell Canada has been ordered to update its policies and procedures regarding workers entering confin [more]

icon-1Laws & Regulations

Occupational safety and health can be important for moral, legal, and financial reasons. All organisations have a duty of care to ensure that employees and any other person who may be affected by the companies undertaking remain safe.


icon-2Hidden Dangers

Do you know of any workplace that is totally safe? Hazards exist in just about every vocation there is. Most of these hazards are easy to control. Have you noticed any of these at your place of work?


icon-3Preventable Accidents

If you’ve been injured at work, you’re not alone. Workplace injuries are all too commonplace, and they affect people in all lines of work, of all ages and of all ethnic and economic backgrounds. Are all accidents are preventable?


Top Five About Workplace Safety
5 Safety tips for warehouse workers
Warehouses provide jobs for thousands of workers across Canada. Due to the wide range of activities undertaken in a warehouse, however, there is a correspondingly wide range of hazards that warehouse workers may facc. These hazards include moving vehicles and forklifts, electrical hazards, the risk of tripping or falling, repetitive motion injuries or injuries associated with lifting heavy objects [more ]

safety-logos-footerSafety Reboot is dedicated to keeping Canadian workplaces safe through a news and education approach to occupational worker safety. We focus on prevention, training, latest techniques, equipment and behavioural education to help you optimize your workplace safety.

Hidden Dangers
Protecting pilots from occupational radiation
Commercial airplane pilots typically absorb as much radiation as nuclear power plant workers and are consequently classified as "occupational radiation workers" by the FAA in the US. Pilots fly the [more]
Control hepatitis B infection at work
Hepatitis B is a highly contagious disease that can cause acute and chronic liver disease. It is a common occupational health hazard among healthcare workers and other personnel who are exposed to the [more]
Never underestimate the danger of hydraulics
Hydraulic systems are present in many places that we rarely notice—until something goes wrong.  Many of us work around them every day and the majority may not even think about it. This is an accide [more]
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